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autodesk autocad 2015 serial number pring has finally arrived, and with it comes the latest update to AutoCAD, the 29th
major release of the world’s most popular CAD program. You would think
that after all these years, there would be little left to change. But
somehow, Autodesk has once again found ways to improve upon its
venerable flagship product. While some of those changes may at first
seem merely cosmetic, the depth and breadth of improvements and new
features combine to make AutoCAD 2015 one of the most significant
updates in years.

First impressions are important. So every few years, Autodesk
modifies what happens when you first load AutoCAD. But this time, the
change is truly an improvement. When you first start AutoCAD 2015,
instead of a Welcome dialog, you are now greeted by the New Tab. You
also see this tab when there are no drawings open and you can easily
switch to the New Tab at any time.

The New Tab contains two sliding content frames: Learn and Create.
The Create frame is displayed by default and serves as a launch pad
where you can access sample files, recent files, templates, product
updates and the online community. This frame is divided into three
columns. The Get Started column lets you quickly begin a new drawing
from a default template or from a list of available drawing templates,
open an existing drawing or sheet set, get more templates online and
explore sample drawings. In the Recent Documents column, you can view
and open your recent drawings, choose how these drawings are displayed
and pin drawings to ensure that they remain in the list. The Connect
column provides links to sign into your Autodesk 360 account and send
feedback to Autodesk. The Learn frame provides tools to help you learn
AutoCAD 2015 and includes links to getting started videos and online

More responsive interface

The Help system, always a great way to learn how to use new features,
now includes a new way to help users locate the relevant tool within
AutoCAD’s interface. Once you have located information in the Help
system, you can click to display an animated arrow that points you to
the appropriate tool in the AutoCAD ribbon. If the tool is not
accessible from the current workspace or is located in a hidden tab or
panel, a tooltip tells you exactly where to find the tool.

The program also now sports a modern dark-themed interface that the
company claims helps reduce eye strain. It is quite easy to switch to a
more traditional light theme, however, if you prefer. But it’s not just
the colors that are new. The entire bottom of the program window has
been reorganized. The tools in the Status bar have been consolidated
into a single area located in the lower-right, while the Model and
Layout tabs have been moved into the lower-left. This opens up more
space to work on drawings.

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